Friday, July 1, 2011

Post # 400

We have been very busy with everyday life around here! I haven't posted in a long time because I rarely get on the computer these days. Only a month and a half left of summer! Well it was fathers day a long time ago and Daniel got his favorite gift to date

Here he is enjoying it

We haven't been doing many projects, just regular home maintenance things like adding fans and doing an overhaul on the evaporative coolers. Its gotten pretty warm here so going outside for projects is not that fantastic! Daniel put more seed on the grass out back so the patches will go away and the flowers he planted are getting big. Jamison is getting more adventurous by the minute. He crawls and now likes to stand up on furniture. He is officially 10 months old! Before we know it he will be a year. The last year has flown by quickly. Eva is doing very well with potty training, now I just have to get her to go on the big one. Being in New Mexico is great although being surrounded by 8 wild fires (I think that is the accurate count right now) makes the air kind of gross. I must admit we are in need of a small vacation. Luckily we are getting a 2 day one coming up. Anyway that's all for now I must go get cereal ready.



MoBo said...

Thats cooooool, how does it work it makes me wonder!! great stuff

Hera said...

Cool chopper. Looks like a big mosquito.