Monday, June 13, 2011

Eva is 3

Eva turned 3 yesterday! It was a Sunday so we celebrated on Saturday. We went to the zoo and decorated the house and Eva LOVED it all. Then we had our friends over for cupcakes and bling rings and they had a blast. Eva got her 2nd baby doll (the first got its hand ripped off by Alexander a while back) and they really both love to play with it. Anyway I have a 3 year old who loves being a girl. Here are some photos from the day. Oh and I realized that I don't take many photos of Eva anymore. I specifically tried to take photos of her this weekend and I realized why I don't get many photos. Because she is ALWAYS moving around quickly so they tend to be blury. I need to put it on the sports action setting I guess.

The birthday girl before we left

I don't know what brought on the grouchy face

Flamingos when you walk in
Alexander loves the reptiles.
I would rather just pass by this section of the zoo
Jamison waiting on the grass while we switched out cars
Their favorite part about the zoo what just one of the large walls with lots of grass.
We played here for a long time.

Eva was hiding behind a rock and Alexander was supposed to find her, but he had to use the restroom so she was wondering why it was taking so long

Jamison was a good sport in his stroller

He was finally let out to play.
She looks so little in this picture

They all had their hats on
hide and seek with dad
They LOVED playing catch.
I caught some of the moments.

This one got him in the face as you can see will happen as soon as the ball hits him

Sunday morning pictures (her actual birthday)

Oh and here was her cake. Just enough for everyone.
I don't want to buy the giants cakes anymore because there is so much left over to SNACK on.

The cupcake tower. I had some with bling rings in them too. Alexander insists on rings in the cupcakes because thats what the kids did at school. We got away with not having party hats this year. I couldn't find any girly ones oh well. Oh and Alexander wanted to give her a pinata for her birthday but I didn't bring that up because who wants that much candy around? Maybe if we have a large crowd to take the candy home with them. Or maybe next time I will buy many many bouncy balls to put in one. That would be an activity in itself trying to find them all. FUN!
Happy Birthday Eva. She will be in PRIMARY next year!! The years fly by very quickly so I have to make them count.



Hera said...

Wonderful photos. Eva's grouchy look is one you had when you stared people down haha. Yours was more subtle though. Wish we could be there with you.

MoBo said...

hahaha Eva is so Lovely! That sounds like an awesome birthday! and an awesome family outing! you guys are so awesome!

Suzie said...

Hey Miriam, your kids are sooo cute! Even Eva's grouchy face! I hope I can have as much fun with my kids!