Sunday, June 5, 2011


I started the summer (2 weeks ago tomorrow) with a lot of energy. I was going to RULE the summer and accomplish so much. We started by moving Jamison out of my closet (He was in my closet from New born until 2 weeks ago don't worry its really big) We moved him into his new room the old guest room (it hasn't been used much) Here is a photo right after we moved him in. I have since put little things up and arranged.

we put up black out curtains and he didn't sleep for 3 nights! (thats not true, he slept like a newborn for 3 nights) It was all very exciting. The kids love his room and having him right next door to them. I love not being able to hear him at night(yeah its a horrible thing to say but after you don't get a full nights sleep for 8 months straight get back to me and let me know how you feel) We love that his room now has a function and feels like part of our home now.

I got my closet back and it is currently a fully functional closet and mini creative office for myself. Taking it from mini nursery to functional mom area took a few days but I got it there. Then we decided we were going to install the patio outside. So last Saturday Daniel leveled the ground and did all the extensive prepwork while I drove to Home Depot (one of my least favorite places on the planet) asked for 420 patio pavers and one of comments I left with was "never send a woman to do a mans job" which if you know me at all really made me angry but I let it blow away in the wind because I wanted my patio finished in a timely manner. He made the comment because I had done the math for the bricks with Daniel at home and knew how many bricks I needed. Then I wanted to double check at the store and THEY sat there and couldn't figure out how many bricks I needed for the 10by12 patio. So I guess a mans job is to pick up bricks from the store? or is it to stand there like a moron while your mouth spews sexist moronic words. Then they took 45 minutes trying to figure out how to load the bricks on the truck (I suggested using the fork lift like last time) they wanted to put them in by HAND 420 bricks!! Anyway they got loaded, I drove home happy the bricks were on the truck and I was far away from home depot.

Then I the woman unloaded them all. I wanted to be useful and I wanted Daniel to finish all the prepwork and I don't know how to do (I don't know how to do anything but be a laborer in the yard) It was a lot of work but a great work out.

Then Daniel laid them all out in this cool pattern and did all that stuff that he did with sand and pipes and stuff (I seriously don't know how to do it) Then he rented a plate tamper and the whole house shook while Jamison screamed and cried. (he was inside) I took a look outside and all I could see was a large white cloud. Then Daniel and Alexander swept all the extra sand off

Alexander was being really helpful through this whole process. He handed Daniel the pavers and just wanted to do everything. Then the patio was finished and we were so happy. It was now memorial day and we had a little barbeque and fanta and coke in glass bottles. It was fantastic.

Then real life started again and Daniel went back to work and I was home with three adventurous children. Daniel wanted the children to have some fun so he pulled out the little pool and filled it with water. This started a strange chain of events. Everyday at least 3 times a day they are in the pool without my knowledge. I empty the pool and they turn on the hose and fill it back up. They have been getting in a lot of mischief. The kind of mischief where it feels like a week has passed when its only been one day. Here is a picture before the patio was put it that shows a little peek into our daily happenings:

Eva in her unders and shirt. She decided to climb into the wheel burrow but then realized she couldn't get down so she was yelling at the window for me to come out and free her. This is also a common occurrence of late:

and then all up the stairs too. Fun times here. Oh and here is the new patio covered in mud from the kids with the sand and hose:

and then they picked the sweet peas for me, even the ones that were not ready

Just trying to be helpful, hopefully all these teaching opportunities I am getting will help them learn good behavior (somehow I don't think this will happen until they are 30) Luckily I have a great husband. He planted these on mothers day and these are the second blooms!!

and he is much more handy than I realized. On Thursday I went to park group, then I went to my dentists appointment to get a crown set, then the crown broke in my mouth while they cemented it in (thats another story). It was looking like a bad day but I was trying to keep positive. So we went home and it was getting really hot so we needed to turn on the swamp coolers. I was feeling off. Daniel got on the roof and it wouldn't turn on. I would usually be really stressed out about the news but lucky for me I started to loose my lunch so I didn't care. I proceeded to be ill for 2 days and then when I started to feel better Daniel fixed it all! He showed me this:
and said words but he really fixed something that was really bad and now the house is cool and all is well. So that is why we haven't blogged in two weeks. We were busy conquering the summer and adjusting to this whole 3 kids in the house all day long thing. Its only been two weeks but it feels like 3 months. Anyway I rambled a lot. I need to go back to blogging more often so my thoughts are not rambled.

Then End.

Just kidding its just the beginning It just feels like it should be the end, of the summer that is. The person who invented summer vacation was obviously not a stay at home mother. ha ha I am kidding but not really.


Maliana said...

arg!! that home depot guy was stupid and made me really mad! but your patio looks dreamy i wish i could come and baby sit for you! it sounds like an adventure! hahahaha

Pam said...

My son's summer break is just officially starting today. I'm all full of energy too. Just hope I can keep it up. I like your patio. My husband and I built one two years ago, but on a much smaller scale. It was a LOT of work.

Chelsea said...

"he showed me this and said words..." rofl.
So many times when Ed starts talking to me about the technical aspects of doing house and pool stuff I glaze over. Words with no meaning. Just tell me if you fixed it!

Allison said...

This post cracked me up! I can NOT believe the Home Depot people said that to you . . . I love your kids - how cute is Alexander helping Daniel and Eva standing in the wheelbarrow? And, your patio is awesome. I would say something about how handy Daniel is, but every time I talk to him, he brings it up himself, so I'm pretty sure he already knows - hope you are feeling better and your summer is fun.

Mable said...

That seriously was one of my most favorite posts of all time. I wish I could have been there to see your reaction to the Home Depot guy. I would have loved to see you tell him off!

And that picture of Eva is just classic! Nice job on your patio and your whole yard. It's looking really good.

Hera said...

Mjög vel gert og þú ert svakalega dugleg. Ég er bara þreytt að lesa þetta allt saman eins og ég hafi gert þetaa allt saman sjálf haha.

MoBo said...

hahahahahhahahahahahaha I like your post! it started out cool beans, and then I was enraged! WHAT AN IDIUT! You guys are super awesome diligent! You know in Asia, they have school ALL THE TIME!!! ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! just kidding, sundays are partially optional, and they get a ewek or two between terms kekeke but for sure, Summer is a Crazy idea, who the heck thought of it?!?Þ" must be the farmers and their planting or something......

your mischief pictures make me laugh, and maybe changed my mind about something hahahah