Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We have an irrigation tech in the family

I kept telling Daniel the sprinklers were on all day long. Not for the growing grass but the flowers. I was getting annoyed because it kept going off when the kids were trying to play outside and it was making lots of mud. So Daniel came home for lunch and said "The sprinklers aren't suppposed to be on now, did you turn them on?" I have no idea how to turn them on so it wasn't me. Then Daniel did the following test with Alexander.

That is why it kept going off when they would go out to play! Its going to be an AWESOME summer.


P.S Daniel didn't teach him that at all. I guess he just picked it up?


Suzanne said...

Ha ha, that is hilarious! What a smart kid!

MoBo said...

bahahahahah Awesome!!! Awesome!!! awesomeeee

Hera said...

Smart kid and smart father.

Chelsey said...

He is so smart. Kids are AMAZING! I have watched this several different times now. So funny! Smart boy.

PS I love your yard!