Friday, May 20, 2011

At this very moment

We are sitting here waiting for 40 minutes to pass so that we can go get Alexander from the bus stop. Its over cast and lovely outside. Its Friday so the weekend should be nice. We are having the Elders over for dinner later (I think). The kids are trying to be happy and entertained. Here they are right nowJamison broke into the snacks
Eva needs help fixing her stop signs.

The kids like to make roads out of the books for their cars and Jamison tries to smash the roads. I am trying to enjoy this moment. Its Alexander's last day of school, he is done with preschool and Monday he crosses the bridge (thats what they call it) then comes summer. Mixed feelings about that.



Hera said...

One day they are all grown up. You don´t know that you miss them until they go away and come back and fill the house with laughter. :)

suzanne said...

Ohhhh, I LOVE this post. Way to remind me to take in the small moments. Your sweet kids are really growing.

MoBo said...

Wow! Evas hair is so long! are yous gonna cut it any? haha great stuff!