Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer is Here

We went to Alexander's bridging ceremony (crossing the bridge to kindergarten) today and a picture is worth a thousand words so here are thousands of words:

walking to get his medal
His teacher giving him his things

standing on the bridge,
I don't think he knew what to do smile or stare everyone down
(of course he chose the later)

I love this picture because he is looking at the camera while life goes on around him

Daniel and I think he looks really old in this one

They posed for us. I loved it.

Daddy and Alexander walking away

Oh and here are some videos from the ceremony. They recited nursery rhymes they learned this year.

This one will make you see sick but it has a fun part in it. Sorry for all the shakiness I had arrived late and with two little ones with me it was difficult to keep the camera still, and Eva wanted to see what I was filming.

My favorite part in the last movie is at the 2:30 mark when he realizes I am filming him




MoBo said...

BAHAHAHA thats my favourite part too! so Cute!! I think he was the best wiggler hahaha! Alexander has the best Facials!

Allison said...

He is so cute!! He should come stay with us this summer :)

MiriamR said...

Dear Allison, We will send him tomorrow!

Hera said...

How fun.