Friday, May 6, 2011

two weeks!

I haven't posted in two weeks. I have been trying to organize the house and feel order in my mind so I have stayed away from the computer for the most part. I finally feel at ease with my house and my projects. YAY! I was getting rather overwhelmed but that is no longer the case.

It was our anniversary last Saturday. We have been married for 6 short years! We made a nice dinner on Sunday night and we had the kids set the table. I let them use whatever they wanted and here is what they came up with:

I was surprised that they were so particular about it. They wanted all the different colors too. I love them. They drive me crazy a lot of the time but they can be so sweet.

Jamison has decided he wants our food now. I give him the baby food though because I am paranoid about choking (he isn't a fan anymore). He grabs our food and shoves it in his mouth as fast as he can. Yesterday the neighbors babysat AND brought over cookies! They are fantastic. Anyway as soon as Alexander got home from school he wanted cookies. The problem was he kept sharing with Jamison. Jamison was crying because he wanted the cookies so Alexander gave it to him! I came in the room and took the cookie away and told Alexander Jamison is too small to eat them. Then I went back in the other room to clean and came straight back to find Jamison with the cookie AGAIN. Alexander doesn't like to see Jamison cry so he gives in!

Then later that night the kids had pizza for dinner(I know this diet sounds bad with cookies and pizza but I had a tooth pulled that day so I was all about ease) and Alexander kept giving Jamison the pizza!! Now I have to watch them all the time because Alexander wont obey the no food for Jamison Rule. As soon as Jamison sees Alexander with food he runs to him in the walker! I laugh most of the time but the choking thing is always on my mind.

Another Jamison update is that he doesn't crawl. I am quite relieved about it though. As soon as he is mobile I know my life will change drastically. He can go backwards but thats it so far. Anyway that is all we have been up to really. I have made and hung curtains and now I am done with that. I am not putting curtains on every window because we have nice blinds on every window. Daniel is not a fan of curtains at ALL. He thinks they are too stuffy. I am on the fence about it though. I do love the fact that black out curtains keep the upstairs cool though!

Until next time


I hope all your Mother's Days are fantastic. I am a slacker though and haven't gone to the post office. Horrible I know.


Hera said...

Alexander sounds hin amman about babies crying.
I am doing the same as you organizing my surroundings so I can organize my brain hehe.
The children did a lovely job with the table.
Perhaps you can set aside food that Jamison can have and let Alexander know that what he can eat. The joys of motherhood. The good with the bad.

MiriamR said...

Thats a good idea with Alexander and Jamison :) Thanks mamma I will try it