Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Hunt: For the grammas and Ammas

We had a little easter egg hunt in the back yard and I took many photos and I am posting them for the Amma and Grandma because I know they wish they could be with all their grandkids on the Holidays so this way they can see just what we did. There are MANY photos.
Happy Easter!! We love you all.



Hera said...

Takk fyrir Miriam min. Those are lovely. I can see the fun they had. Your garden is very lovely.
Happy Easter to you all.

Maliana said...

that looks so fun and your yard is going to look amazing and already looks awesome!

MoBo said...

Your yard looks like its gonna be GREAT! hahaha your childrens are Sooo adorable! haha i love all your posts!

meleofa said...

I loved all the pics! The gardeny bits are looking great too! I am so chalous. My flower beds are all full of weeds. I have to go and fix them all, but it keeps raining and snowing. ho ho ho. Looks awesome. Oh, and we would love to meet you all sometime! in four corners or wherever is fine with us. Dustin had a week off last week, and we briefly entertained the idea of coming to see you all, but it just didn't work out. sorry. We went to bryce canyon instead. boo hoo. Let us know when you guys want to do this!