Monday, April 11, 2011

I have a thoughtful husband

The other day I came home with the kids from doing errands and found this:

And it made me so happy. There was no husband home just these new blooms in my purple vase. I wasn't in a bad mood or anything but this really made the rest of the day fantastic. At first I thought "I hope Daniel put those there and not some creepy person" thats just how my thought process goes though.

The funny thing was later in the day when Alexander actually noticed them he said to me: "Mamma what are those" and I said "Flowers" and he said "who put them there" and I said" Dad did and he is very nice" Then he says "Oh is that why you are not mad"

Uh I guess I am mad all the time. I laughed though.


Suzanne said...

I love your first thought! I am totally the same way. :) I also love alexanders comment, super funny! Daniel is awesome, you deserve him.

Wiley Family said...

yay daniel. what a guy what a guy. yes alexander is so funny. dont you love it when your kids make comments like that hahahahha love it!

Hera said...

Smile of the day. Alexander is a very thought provoking little man. Children just say it like they see it.

Unifer said...

hahahahaha that is the cutest story!! :D I love getting flowers, I totally understand how that would make you extra happy :)

MoBo said...

BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Alexander is an observant little guy!

Thats what i would think first too, and i'll probably marry some guy who would be like "no it wasnt me" and id be like AHHHH!! and then years later he'd be like "remember those flowers, that was so me" hahahah maliana did that to me once.. NARGLE