Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reeves in New Mexico

Hello All,

For those of you who didn't know or had no clue at all we are moving to New Mexico. Daniel accepted his job offer there and we are pretty excited about it. We just spent the last three days driving there house searching and driving back. We found one we really like and so far its ours so we are happy about that. I was going to blog about the drive there. It took quite a while to get there but we made it. We saw lots of different things on the way there. This was one of them

I don't know the story behind it but they thought it was important enough to put Giant letters on the mountain so I figured it was important enough to take a picture of. If you know what it is please enlighten me. Then we stopped in Monticello do get some lunch and stopped to see the

Mini temple there. It was very mini. I have never seen one that small in my life. The chapel next to it almost looked bigger. Oh and as a side note I think the drivers in Monticello need to take better driving tests or relearn. Then we needed Eva to take an eating break and needed me to start driving so we were going to go see this "canyon view" well it wasn't there. I think we were in Colorado at this time and it made me not trust the signs in Colorado for the parks. Anyway I took a picture while we stopped

As soon as we hit New Mexico I was shocked at the beauty. I am probably just nutty but I though it was beautiful. There were so many lone Mesa's and I would just thare at them. There was a sign on the way into New Mexico that said it was the enchanted state. Well it felt enchanting going in. None of my pictures did the Mesa's any good. I guess you will just have to see them yourselves.

They are much bigger than that trust me. So yeah its pretty on the way there. There was this little town called Ship rock and this next picture is why:

It looked like an enchanted castle to me. Anyway we found a great little house. We are just renting for at least a year so it will be perfect. The only grass in Albuquerque. So it was a success. We move next week so we will be busy and not blogging for awhile after next week.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Time to blog

So everyone that I follow has blogged in the last few days. I think I should too so I don't start not blogging for months at a time like Maliana. So we are still here in Utah. The immediate future is becoming more clear each day but things are still somewhat up in the air. Things are a lot less glum now that the Holidays are over. I love January because it feels like a time for new hobby's habits and ideas. Its probably silly because this should be the idea year round but to each his own. I had all this stuff I was going to blog but now I am drawing a blank.
Random. We went and saw the bald eagles on Saturday and there weren't many because of all the hunters even though every sign everywhere said no hunting and no shooting. Stupid whoever you are people contradicting with the signs and stuff. We saw one and here it is. They are scavenger birds. Last February when we were here we went and saw them and the eagles were stealing the fish from the sea gulls and I thought sea gulls were beggars.

Oh yeah in church yesterday one of the speakers said we should look at the last year for successes and not things we didn't accomplish. I found this to be a great idea so I started writing down all the successes. The biggest one was Eva of course. I have to admit the list was hard to write but I was able to come up with a few but I won't share them because well I don't know I guess I don't feel like it. Anyway the pictures I am posting are sort of us lately. Its been cold and snowy which is normal for winter but harder to get used to than I thought. However I love the cold air. The part I hate about the snow is the wetness and the scary driving. That must be why little ones love snow so much, they don't have to drive in it. The coldness has been wonderful. I sleep all the way through the night again. In Guam I couldn't ever sleep because it was so sticky. I regret not seeing Autumn this year but it will come this year so I am excited for that already.
This blog is turning extremely random but I am having a difficult time keeping my train of thought. I did have a question though. Does anyone know anything about the University of New Mexico? I am thinking about their masters programs. I honestly don't care about their sports teams so spare me that (although I am sure Daniel would love some of those comments).
Eva is doing well here. She seems to like sleeping in the cold too because she doesn't get up in the night and goes to sleep a lot easier than she used to. She has THREE teeth now. Two at the bottom and one at the top. She drools uncontrollably and I hope she will be somewhat done soon. I can't remember a time when her shirt was actually dry. She is the most energetic little person I have dealt with in a long time. But I haven't dealt with many little people since Alexander.
Eva's favorite toys are Alexander's. Mostly cars she will take a car over any baby toy. They don't share very well but I am sure that will come later.
Alexander's favourite new past time is shoveling snow.
He got a snow shovel from Grandma and Opa Reeves and he actually shovels it away. He has had a hard time with all the moving so he is going to freak out when we move coming soon. Oh well I guess that's life. Hopefully the next move will keep us there for at least 5 years. I am ready to settle for that long I believe that will give me time for a masters too. Anyway I have to go help Meleofa celebrate her birthday today, I need to go bake her some brownies too. Happy Birthday Victoria too. Yesterday and Mamma and Dad happy anniversary the day before. January is becoming a full month. Unnur's birthday in 2 days.
I put my original play list up again this time on random. Its my happy place list. It takes me back to all the different times in my life that mean something to me. I love it. Although at the moment I am personally listen to my "Home" mix which is 90% New Hip Hop and I am not sure it would score rave reviews on my blog. Later and keep blogging so I stay motivated to blog too.