Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

As many of you know we have been busy with house projects. Well on Memorial day we decided to take a day off from the house and enjoy the holiday. It was a really great day. We went up to Jemez National forest and went on a little hike to Jemez falls, then we drove through the Valles Caldera National Preserve (we only have pictures of us on the hike and of the preserve). When we got home Daniel still decided to do a little yard work and Miriam and the Kids filled up the kiddy pool and cooled off in it. Then we went our for some snow cones and dinner. All in all it was a fun day and a much needed day.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

He got in!

Alexander got into preschool. There was a lottery and he is in for the fall! Yay! I think he will love it and Eva will be sad but with the new baby maybe she will be preoccupied.

I showed him this blog post and he was disappointed in the picture, he wanted dinosaurs in there
(look to his right and there are dinosaurs next to him)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It just hit me

It just hit be today that I am having a little boy in 3 months or so! This is crazy! I have been so busy sometimes I forget I am pregnant (which can be nice) I didn't forget last night though. I haven't done anything particularly strenuous in the last 2 days yet my feet were swollen last night! I am not even in the last month so my feet should not be swelling! I didn't sleep for hours because I was soooo hot! Luckily its freezing outside in the mornings so when Daniel got up for work in the morning I asked him to open the balcony door and it cooled down and I fell asleep.

I am also realizing I need to get all new little boy clothes from 0-2 years old! WOW! Well it won't be that bad but I need to get things in order for when the little one comes. I am trying to get the whole house done before the little boy comes so that I won't have to worry about anything but the kids when the time comes. I want to have the whole month of august to try to catch up on sleep I will not be getting so I am ready for the new baby but Daniel thinks this baby will come even earlier than normal (2-3 weeks early is my norm) he only thinks that because all the pregnancy symptoms seem to be coming alot faster this time around like the moving of all my bones and such. He thinks the baby will come on the 12th of August to make his date book an easy task. In fact I think he plans on having me run up and down the stairs all day that day.

This is the part of the pregnancy that is irritating to me. I still have 3 huge months left but I have to start seeing the doctor every two weeks after tomorrow. I bet that won't work out anyway. There hasn't been an appointment yet that hasn't been extremely late or rescheduled because their last appointments don't coincide with Daniel's work schedule. Oh well. I already know the baby isn't here yet oh crap I think I was supposed to go do my Nasty drink diabetes test before tomorrow. I guess I will just have to get yelled at and do it next week. Where has my memory gone?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I got IDed for SPRAY PAINT!

Here is my funny story for the week. I was at walmart buying groceries the other day. I usually have my children with me but I didn't this time. I needed some of this:

I didn't want to stop at Lowes on the way home so I got a can of white and put it in the cart. I went to check out and the thing beeps (as it always does at walmart for spray paint) and usually they just push it through cause DUH I AM AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD! The lady tells me I have to be 18 to buy the spray paint and can she see some ID? WHAT? I didn't fuss I just pulled out my GUAM license (I know I need to get to the DMV but who wants to do that with 2 kids??) and she let me get it. HELLO? DO I REALLY LOOK THAT YOUNG?

Its like when I went to get my hair done the she asked my why I wanted to chop off all my beautiful long hair (that in itself is a delusional statement!) I said "oh I am 5 months pregnant and don't want to deal with it" She is shocked I am pregnant and asks if its the first "um no its the third" she almost chokes because "You don't look old enough to have even one" I don't think they are trying to compliment me here on saying I look young I am not old enough to need "you look young" compliments yet.

This happens all the time!! No its not a compliment who wants to look 18 with 3 kids?

That reminds me of another tangent story. When I was pregnant with Alexander I was asked to say the prayer in sacrament meeting so I did (I didn't wear a ring then either cause my fingers were too fat) and then this lady I knew (apparently not very well cause I can't even remember her name) came and said "oh I have the funniest story" she said her husband was fuming after he saw me give a prayer in sacrament and said to her "what is the bishopric thinking letting a pregnant young woman say the prayer in sacrament meeting" Um HELLO I WAS 21 at the time MORON. I didn't think the story was funny and it taught me I can't get offended for other peoples moronic (yes its a word) comments and you shouldn't judge ANYONE cause you are probably extremely wrong.

I don't know why I get so irritated at people when I am pregnant (HORMONES) I have been really good this time around though. I love our new ward! No one asked if I was pregnant (even though I totally am huge already) they were all courteous and I didn't get any comments until after I told them I was pregnant. Honestly HOW HARD IS IT NOT TO ASK SOMEONE IF THEY ARE PREGNANT? All it takes is a tiny bit of self control. Wow this post got out of control I will end it now.

But seriously do I not look like I am 18 years old? You watch when I turn 30 I will look 50 all of the sudden.

This project was for Melanie (tables)

This table took a year to complete. No it wasn't hard or special or anything like that it was just an extra table I had from a storage unit that I didn't need. Last May Melanie came to visit and I made her help me sand it with the sander and I was going to do something with it. Well I finally needed it in this house because there is an area for a formal dining table and an area for a kitchen table in the kitchen so here it is finally finished. Daniel loves a white table so it got the white treatment. If you want to paint a table its pretty easy (compared to staining one) You just sand the top until its the flatness you want you don't even have to sand it bare like I did just enough so that the paint will stick.

Then you buy an oil based paint (more expensive and harder to clean but it will be worth it with your kids banging the table to pieces) Use a cabinet roller to apply the paint (the small foam rollers) they are a miracle. I only do two coats (waiting 24 hours or more between coats) Then I spray paint the legs with a satin finish paint ( I tried krylon from walmart and it was HORRIBLE so I went and got my usual rustoleum and it was much better) that matches then I wait at least 24 hours for the paint to cure and your done!

I love it with the blue chairs but I am actually waiting to find some chairs I love (hopefully with ladder backs) that I can redo to go with it so that the blue Ethan Allens can go with the other table.

Anyway there you go Melanie I finally finished our project :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids bookshelf

I finished a quick project I figured I would share. I bought this little bookshelf from a garage sale months ago for the kids books.
It was $2 and ugly. I have been trying to finish all my projects before they go into rooms so that I won't wait a year to get something done. This bookshelf is that particle board cheap stuff. I wanted it white so I painted it with Kilz oil based primer. The stuff smells when you paint but its worth the end result (make sure to use a throw away brush for the primer) Then I just spray painted it white and I covered the shelves in shelf liner and hot glued it on. I figured with the movement of the books and my children it would hold up better. Then I covered the back cardboard thing with a material I went and chose ($4 a yard at hobby lobby) and I hot glued it onto the board too. Then I stapled the back on for better support and Viole I have a desirable bookshelf. (It is sitting in the office loft right now
until I get the kids room more organized.)
I love it! Eva thinks its her little space.


Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sorry we haven't blogged in almost a month! We have been very busy being sick and working on the house. We have made some progress. The WHOLE upstairs is done including the master bath. Yay! The entire house is painted including the laundry room (excluding the garage) It has been nonstop on the projects and fix ups but no huge hurdles yet. Ok so here are some before and afters of the master bath the BIG project that we didn't expect to touch until well Christmas or somewhere near there.Remember it was carpeted and smelled like animals. Now it is Beautiful and no more smells of yuckiness anywhere in the house! I really want to add some plants on the flat areas by the shower and bath.
This was our first time tiling. I have cut tiles before but none of the other stuff. Daniel did a really good job! Painting was kind of a pain but worth it in the end SOO much taping in this bathroom but now it is exactly how we want it. I love the color we stole it from Kathryn and painted the downstairs bathroom and laundry room the same color because we liked it so much.
Anyway I am still painting the kids beds white to make their room right and when we head out to Utah I have to make a stop to Ikea for some side tables and some covers and stuff so you won't see pictures of the rooms until they are done or somewhat done. I have been working of a bookshelf and sooo many things so I will blog about them later when I actually finish them. I hope you are all doing well.


This is Daniel and I just wanted to share something I found humorous. We went to Hobby Lobby and it is the biggest one I have ever seen it was like the size of a K-Mart, so you can imagine how excited I was to be there. We were looking for some stamps and stencils so Miriam could keep working on Maliana's wedding invitations. We asked the lady where we might find these items and her response was "All the way on the other side of the store in the craft section." The CRAFT section its Hobby Lobby the whole store is a craft section.