Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I got IDed for SPRAY PAINT!

Here is my funny story for the week. I was at walmart buying groceries the other day. I usually have my children with me but I didn't this time. I needed some of this:

I didn't want to stop at Lowes on the way home so I got a can of white and put it in the cart. I went to check out and the thing beeps (as it always does at walmart for spray paint) and usually they just push it through cause DUH I AM AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD! The lady tells me I have to be 18 to buy the spray paint and can she see some ID? WHAT? I didn't fuss I just pulled out my GUAM license (I know I need to get to the DMV but who wants to do that with 2 kids??) and she let me get it. HELLO? DO I REALLY LOOK THAT YOUNG?

Its like when I went to get my hair done the she asked my why I wanted to chop off all my beautiful long hair (that in itself is a delusional statement!) I said "oh I am 5 months pregnant and don't want to deal with it" She is shocked I am pregnant and asks if its the first "um no its the third" she almost chokes because "You don't look old enough to have even one" I don't think they are trying to compliment me here on saying I look young I am not old enough to need "you look young" compliments yet.

This happens all the time!! No its not a compliment who wants to look 18 with 3 kids?

That reminds me of another tangent story. When I was pregnant with Alexander I was asked to say the prayer in sacrament meeting so I did (I didn't wear a ring then either cause my fingers were too fat) and then this lady I knew (apparently not very well cause I can't even remember her name) came and said "oh I have the funniest story" she said her husband was fuming after he saw me give a prayer in sacrament and said to her "what is the bishopric thinking letting a pregnant young woman say the prayer in sacrament meeting" Um HELLO I WAS 21 at the time MORON. I didn't think the story was funny and it taught me I can't get offended for other peoples moronic (yes its a word) comments and you shouldn't judge ANYONE cause you are probably extremely wrong.

I don't know why I get so irritated at people when I am pregnant (HORMONES) I have been really good this time around though. I love our new ward! No one asked if I was pregnant (even though I totally am huge already) they were all courteous and I didn't get any comments until after I told them I was pregnant. Honestly HOW HARD IS IT NOT TO ASK SOMEONE IF THEY ARE PREGNANT? All it takes is a tiny bit of self control. Wow this post got out of control I will end it now.

But seriously do I not look like I am 18 years old? You watch when I turn 30 I will look 50 all of the sudden.


MoBo said...

hahahaha I like those stories, but the one about the guy being mad that you were saying a Prayer, WHAT THE HECKS IT HIS BUSINESS??? bastana

but yeah, i went through your pictures AND YOU DO LOOK YOUNG! hahaha i never realised it, but you need more RECENt pictures so one can judge fairly heheheheh

but yeah, I need to work on that not being judgmental business hmmm

Hera said...

Well people were always shocked and still are to hear I have 7 children who are grown up and that I have 7 grandchildren and that number is growing. Some just stare at me and say. You look so young. I just laugh about it. I remember once in ALbersons when we lived in AMerican Fork. I was buying something you had to be over 20 to buy. I was asked for ID I just laughed. I was in my 30´s.
It´s the Icelandic genes or is it the Faroese one hahaha.