Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sorry we haven't blogged in almost a month! We have been very busy being sick and working on the house. We have made some progress. The WHOLE upstairs is done including the master bath. Yay! The entire house is painted including the laundry room (excluding the garage) It has been nonstop on the projects and fix ups but no huge hurdles yet. Ok so here are some before and afters of the master bath the BIG project that we didn't expect to touch until well Christmas or somewhere near there.Remember it was carpeted and smelled like animals. Now it is Beautiful and no more smells of yuckiness anywhere in the house! I really want to add some plants on the flat areas by the shower and bath.
This was our first time tiling. I have cut tiles before but none of the other stuff. Daniel did a really good job! Painting was kind of a pain but worth it in the end SOO much taping in this bathroom but now it is exactly how we want it. I love the color we stole it from Kathryn and painted the downstairs bathroom and laundry room the same color because we liked it so much.
Anyway I am still painting the kids beds white to make their room right and when we head out to Utah I have to make a stop to Ikea for some side tables and some covers and stuff so you won't see pictures of the rooms until they are done or somewhat done. I have been working of a bookshelf and sooo many things so I will blog about them later when I actually finish them. I hope you are all doing well.


This is Daniel and I just wanted to share something I found humorous. We went to Hobby Lobby and it is the biggest one I have ever seen it was like the size of a K-Mart, so you can imagine how excited I was to be there. We were looking for some stamps and stencils so Miriam could keep working on Maliana's wedding invitations. We asked the lady where we might find these items and her response was "All the way on the other side of the store in the craft section." The CRAFT section its Hobby Lobby the whole store is a craft section.


Chelsey said...

Your house is so pretty! I am jealous! I want a house sooo bad. But I am so excited for you! Did you see Lindsey is getting married. We are so excited.

MoBo said...

Well Done! haha Daniel you are silly.