Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This project was for Melanie (tables)

This table took a year to complete. No it wasn't hard or special or anything like that it was just an extra table I had from a storage unit that I didn't need. Last May Melanie came to visit and I made her help me sand it with the sander and I was going to do something with it. Well I finally needed it in this house because there is an area for a formal dining table and an area for a kitchen table in the kitchen so here it is finally finished. Daniel loves a white table so it got the white treatment. If you want to paint a table its pretty easy (compared to staining one) You just sand the top until its the flatness you want you don't even have to sand it bare like I did just enough so that the paint will stick.

Then you buy an oil based paint (more expensive and harder to clean but it will be worth it with your kids banging the table to pieces) Use a cabinet roller to apply the paint (the small foam rollers) they are a miracle. I only do two coats (waiting 24 hours or more between coats) Then I spray paint the legs with a satin finish paint ( I tried krylon from walmart and it was HORRIBLE so I went and got my usual rustoleum and it was much better) that matches then I wait at least 24 hours for the paint to cure and your done!

I love it with the blue chairs but I am actually waiting to find some chairs I love (hopefully with ladder backs) that I can redo to go with it so that the blue Ethan Allens can go with the other table.

Anyway there you go Melanie I finally finished our project :)


MoBo said...

heheheh How Fun! nice to know you used it hahahahah High Five For Awesome Times!

Hera said...

Mjög fallegt.