Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids bookshelf

I finished a quick project I figured I would share. I bought this little bookshelf from a garage sale months ago for the kids books.
It was $2 and ugly. I have been trying to finish all my projects before they go into rooms so that I won't wait a year to get something done. This bookshelf is that particle board cheap stuff. I wanted it white so I painted it with Kilz oil based primer. The stuff smells when you paint but its worth the end result (make sure to use a throw away brush for the primer) Then I just spray painted it white and I covered the shelves in shelf liner and hot glued it on. I figured with the movement of the books and my children it would hold up better. Then I covered the back cardboard thing with a material I went and chose ($4 a yard at hobby lobby) and I hot glued it onto the board too. Then I stapled the back on for better support and Viole I have a desirable bookshelf. (It is sitting in the office loft right now
until I get the kids room more organized.)
I love it! Eva thinks its her little space.



Chelsey said...

Very cute idea- I might be copying this one!

MoBo said...

hahaha this picture looks vaguely familiar hahaha

Excellent stuff!