Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alexander is growing up

The other night we had roasted chicken for dinner. I put some on Alexander's plate and he kept saying how much he didn't like chicken. Daniel told him that if he ate everything off his plate that he could have some cookies. He told him if anything was left on the plate no cookies. So Alexander sat there and ate and ate and ate. At one point he was eating some chicken and he started to gag really badly and almost threw up. I stuck my hand out and told him to spit it out but he kept nodding no and forced it down. This happened again and again with every piece of chicken. I couldn't understand why he wouldn't just spit it out. Then I realized he thought if he would spit it out he wouldn't get any cookies. He is really toughening up! He has a really bad gag reflex ever since he was little so I really feel bad about it. He really doesn't like chicken. I have started to not like it either. Poor kid. He will gobble up chicken nuggets though.


Suzanne said...

Ha ha, what a cute story! You'll be glad you wrote that one down.:)

Hera said...

Perhaps just cook the chicken differently. It does not seem to be the chicken just the way the texture is perhaps. Melanie does not like fish and Matelita does not like chicken.

Allison said...

For Daniel: "You are an awesome dad, I mean, like the best ever."

Cute, determined Alexander. How awesome is he?