Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eva's Favorite New Pasttime

Eva is in this position at least 70% of the day.

I think she likes it because she can see everything upside down and its a new sensation. Or maybe she just likes the head rush. She loves learning all the things she can do. She will dance around in celebration when she learns something new. The whole standing up thing is driving me crazy because it is stopping her naps. She will lay down. I close the door. 5-10 minutes later I hear screaming from her room. She is all flustered and red because she is standing up and doesn't know how to get back down.

She is scared she is going to fall. I say fall and be done with it, go to sleep.

Bubba still loves his cars and making them crash. He watches sesame street every morning and loves it.

Eva loves his cars too.


Chelsey said...

I love that moment when they discover upside-down! So cute! Norah loves everything Madilyn is playing with and vice versa.

Line'sLucky3 said...

That new position that Eva likes doing...old Tongan wives tale...when babies do that, it means their mom is expecting. Of course, there is no scientific proof to sustain that theory but every time its happened with one of my kids or cousins kids it was always mom was expecting. Weird I know. Eva is so pretty! Definately gets it from her Tongan side...LOL

Melisa said...

Eva is so cute. Give both Eva and bubba big umas from us.

MoBo said...

hahahah her face is shiney ahhaha