Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Design a Bag for smiths

So I stumbled upon a site yesterday that said I could design a reusable bag for Kroger stores (mine is smiths) and for doing so I got a free reusable bag from smiths. Ever since Guam I LOVE reusable bags. Less grocery bags stuffed under the kitchen sink and a good feeling that I am doing a little for the environment. Plus they are super sturdy. Anyway so now you can go vote for my bag. You don't have to but you should go sign in (create a free smiths account) attach your fresh values card to it and then design away. Its actually kind of fun (all the stuff is there on the site to design. It took me 5 minutes) and they load a free reusable bag onto your account so you just pick one up the next time you are at smiths and swipe your card and they take the .99 cents that it cost off your card. Anyway go vote for my bag and if you design one I will vote for yours! Go HERE

Have fun!


Marshall, Nany and Max said...

i actually love all of the bags under the sink. I use them to clean up my dogs terds. You can give yours to me, k. -Marshall

MiriamR said...

ha ha ha I am sure if I had a dog that would be the case too.

Melisa said...

i vote for you miriam!! I love the reuseable bags. I use them with everything. hahaha its fun to collect them from different stores. I love your design by the way.

MoBo said...

LoL, What does it Mean?!?!?!

I was just wondering the other day if America had caught on to the Very trendy Reusable bags Idea, or if it was too trendy and European for them to handle. I also wondered if people would look at me funny because of my reusable rather than paper or plastic. Everywhere I shop I normally get a bag, sometimes i get one on multiple occasions, so I have all these random reusable bags that I never actually reuse, so it kind of defeats the purpose... But anywhos mamma disposed of most of them when we left we had so many haHa Wonderful timeS! Australia is a Bit OD on the reusable bags, but i especially like the ones from clothes shops, they're so snazzy and fun!