Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Firs Visit

We had our first visitors for the last few days. Jenny Mallory and Garrett came down for a visit and it was so much fun! Bubba loves Garrett and pretty much just followed him around the whole time. He can say Jenny (with a d most of the time) and Garrett and we will keep working on Mallory although he was getting pretty close there. Eva was a bit anti social so I think I need to get her more social. We had fun with them and we loved that they came down for a visit. So refreshing for us here are some pictures from Petroglyph monument so you can actually see them. Those are actual Pueblonian petroglyphs. The only bad news is that bubba is not terrified of these. They were all over the place at Petroglyph monument and he wouldn't let Mallory put him down after awhile. One kept coming out and getting really close and he would scream and it was crazy. Every little sound made him jump and start crying. I was laughing for a bit but he was truly terrified after awhile and I felt bad. I wonder what brought that on? Eva was in the babybjorn and she loved it. She loves the wind in her face and will laguh and smile so she loved being out in the wind.


Sarah said...

Cute pictures!! That's so fun that they came down for a visit!!

MoBo said...

HaHaHa I thought you were saying that Lex was running up to them lol that sounds like a jolly good time! dont get too jolly, or you'll be jollied out when I get there! hahahah