Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I have started the whole COUPON thing. Its difficult to understand but I am slowly getting it. I am not going to write much about it but I thought I would tell you all about 3 sites that you can stick e coupons onto your smith's card. They don't have Albertson's cards here so I don't know if they will give you e coupons for Albertson's. You just register quickly and then attach your card to it (the bar code number on your card) and just add the coupon. I already used 2 coupons on it at smiths. You don't have to do anything it just automatically takes off the amount (I even used the self serve line) So here are the sites:

Procter and gamble

I only use the grocery coupons. Anyway last week was my first time saving 54% at smiths by using their buy 10 get 5 dollars and combining it with coupons. Its a lot of fun when you start saving.

Oh another funny thing. In the coupon lingo there is a word called stockpilling which is really just food storage when you find a really good deal. Oh and look at these I found from a site I use.

This is when you should stockpile on things!

Cereal - $1.50/box or less
Toothpaste/Toothbrushes - Free
Hair Products - 25¢ or less
Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast - $1.87/lb or less
Pasta/Pasta Sauce - $1 or less
Dish Liquid - 25¢ or less
Cookie Mixes/Brownie Mixes/Frosting - 25¢ or less
Boxed Potatoes - 50¢ or less
10 lb bag of potatoes - $1.97 or less
Bread - 50¢ or less
Lysol Cleaning Supplies - 50¢ or less
Pizza Rolls - 50¢ or less
Frozen Pizzas - $3.00 or less

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Couponing Day 10: Stockpiling | Bargain Briana" -
Bargain Briana

Mind you these are the prices after using coupons and when they are on sale! I will be getting my first free toothpaste on tomorrows shopping trip! Daniel doesn't believe me but I will show him.

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Line'sLucky3 said...

My family and friends are all into couponing. Too bad you can't do it here in Guam. You can get hooked on saving big time money. And you really do save LOTS!!