Thursday, March 19, 2009

The End

The end of my projects has come. I was going to paint Dotkasan on the toy box but got extremely lazy and decided against it. I still have some frames I haven't used but they don't quite work with some of my prints and things so I will wait on them.

My favorite piece of art is the one that Unnur did for me years ago.

I believe it was a graduation gift (high school) I love it and always have it up and this time I love the frame I stuck with it too. It goes over the computer screen to encourage creativity. Alexander looks at it and says "Miriam Miriam Miriam (to get my attention) Beautiful." He usually just says Pretty but this one wins beautiful. Then I put the a painting in the hall.

I find it appropriate. Either that or a mirror. I didn't want to take pictures of all the pictures so I chose the favorites.

The color on the toy box is fabulous. You can't see it well on here because my camera isn't that fantastic but its a green blue color. I just love it.

However, the best part about this box is its purpose.

Now there is a place to hold the toys. Alexander is actually willing to help clean up the toys now and that makes a lot more order in my house which is what I desire. It seems to be the end of projects now at least for awhile until I find something I want to refinish. I do have an old roll top desk in the garage but it is not top priority so it will probably not start up until mid summer. I am kind of sad to not have projects but Daniel has put me on the eBay pay pal committee. I will let him explain that when he feels like blogging again.

The only problem with not staying super busy and having projects come out of my ears is that it generally brings on a calling when I stop being busy. I know the lightning will strike any minute. oh well.


Line'sLucky3 said...

All your projects came out so nice. Seriously, wish you were still here so we do some projects together. Except that I don't think we'd get much done with all our crazy Tongan babies...LOL

meleofa said...

I love how everything looks! Especially Unnur's painting. so good. Looks like you've had a blast.

Unifer said...

thank you Miriam, that made my day :D I had no idea you liked that painting so much. I think I have said this before, but I want to be you when I grow up! just on top of things and always so productive and awesome!!