Friday, March 6, 2009

If you love dogs

I am posting a link to a story from a writer for that Daniel reads. He wrote a column about his dogs. It is really good but you might need a tissue. Hopefully the link works. Daniel says that Tina, Kathryn, and Jaxon Hoopes (if you read this blog) should read it. Ohh and Jenny and Meleofa should read it to.

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MoBo said...

AuE I tried to read it , but princess hours was on and maliana was vicously murdering my soul. Anywho it was very long winded and too many references to unknown sports peopel that are only known to fellow sports people. haha I skipped to the end, looked funny, GEE GOSH FRIGGEN DARN thats a long as article for the story.. pfft

gone to the moon haha