Tuesday, March 3, 2009

chair colors, help

We have decided to paint the chairs a blue color. First we were going to try to strip them and stain them but there is no way I have the patience this year to do that. Plus I would have to use some kind of chemical and I have yet to find one that I like. Then I was thinking they would look good white. But Daniel said he wants them exactly as they are except he wants them blue. I usually get the end decision in the furniture colors but the fact that Daniel was willing to steer away from his traditionalism when it comes to furniture was amazing so I immediately agreed. Thus we need to find a blue that will not date anytime soon. So I decided I want a cold blue lighter but with a grey tone rather than a green or white undertone. I need help. I think I have narrowed it down to these:

(left to right: top row yacht club, Newport blue
middle row winter lake, Bo29, waterscape
bottom row b030, shale Gray

I put the samples on the table that the chairs will be going with so that is what the wood looks like.

I need some opinions. What do you think?


Maliana said...

i like the shale gray it's light and gives a good contrast to the warmth of the wood without making it look too heavy

that's me vote

Mable said...

I like the waterscape because it's not too blue but still has some depth to the color.

Chelsey said...

I like waterscape! It would look great on chairs!

meleofa said...

I like b030 and winter lake. hahaha. They are rich colors. for blue. They would look great with natural wood. :)

MoBo said...

I like the one in the middle at the top.

I was struggling to look at it so I ripped up an envelope and looked through the window HAHAHAHAH funfun What kind of camera do you have? whats the megapixels and wot not. TOLOO