Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our projects

We are working on some furniture again. We got a beautiful wooden pedestal round table and 4 chairs from craigslist. The chairs are nice and ethan allen but they are a green color and extremely distressed. (they painted them that way)

I don't like the color so we are going to paint them a gray blue color so we have been sanding quite a bit. We are almost done sanding them for painting purposes.

We are also redoing a small round drop leaf table that has 3 THICK layers of paint on it.

The last layer is peach and acrylic so it is bubbling up with the sander and difficult to get through. Here are the pictures of where we are right now. I think we are going to stain the drop leaf table. Its going in the kitchen. We will post a picture of them both when we are all done (It will hopefully only take 2 weeks. I work on these in my spare time and out in the yard with the kids in the day when its warm. They love it. Oh and one of the pictures is of the splinter Daniel got from sanding the drop leaf table. Its a bare bones table and gives huge splinters. I have already had 2 but they were tiny compared to this one.

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meleofa said...

Those projects look so fun. That splinter was definitely huge! At first glance, I thought it was a pointer or something! But that is just the chunk of wood stuck in his finger. The kids in the tub are so fun! They are so big and cute. Give them hugs and kisses from us please. :D And I love the Nacho Libre hug hug kiss kiss thing. It made me laugh.