Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Family Home Evening

Yesterday for family home evening I decided to do a lesson on tithing. I know bubba is too young but I figure you are never too young to see examples and its good for Daniel and I to teach these little lessons. Anyway I try to keep the lessons extremely short and simple so he sort of gets it. So I did two examples. I gave bubba a ramekin and (this probably sounds sacrilegious) but we had a picture of Jesus and we put a ramekin in front of it.

I started with pennies.

We counted out the 10 pennies I had and I put them in Alexander's ramekin. Daniel and I told him that he gets all of them but one and that the one is tithing and needs to go to Jesus. He got that and put it right in and we congratulated him and told him good job. Then I did the next example that I thought he would understand more.

I had 10 skittles and I put them in the ramekin this time.

His eyes got all big and he tried stuffing them all in his mouth. I told him first he had to give one to Jesus and then he could have all the rest to himself. He wouldn't do it until Daniel helped him and then her was ok with it and continued to put the rest in his own mouth. I think he learned a bit of a lesson. He was cute and he made me laugh.


Mable said...

That is super cute! What a great way to teach him!

Allison said...

too, too, too funny!

meleofa said...

I like it. And I adore 15 step. isn't it awesome.

MoBo said...

hahahaah thats funny, whats a ramekin?