Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter was very fun. I taught my new co taught primary class for the first time. They are 4 going on 5. It was fun actually. They said Easter bunny and candy and eggs a lot but they also answered with the correct answers too. I asked them what Easter was about and 2 said Jesus. I asked why do we celebrate Easter and they said "because of the resurrection" I don't know that they know exactly what that is but they obviously have good parents teaching them at home. A smart little bunch.

We did ham and funeral potatoes (thanks Meleofa) for dinner and it was delicious. We also made cheese cake the night before because we like to make cheesecake for the holidays.

We had quite a few eggs. I didn't realize how many I had bought. I got some for my class too so I guess I thought I needed a lot more or something. Eva got all the pink eggs and they were filled with toddler treats and she was actually opening them herself.

It was actually cold and stormy all weekend. Luckily it was nice and warm yesterday, no wind at all. Last year we painted eggs for Easter but I ended up painting almost all of them and so I didn't want to do that again this year so we didn't. Maybe when the kids are older and would like to do it.

We had a video of Alexander collecting eggs but it won't upload so I quit trying.


Chelsey said...

Cute pictures! Eva is darling! We painted eggs for the first time this year. So much fun!

meleofa said...

OHmygoodness, Miriam, Eva looks just like your baby pics! except different eyes, i think. She's adorable. Sounds like you guys had fun! I'm glad the potatoes worked out well for you all. :D I am going to use the straightener today for the first time. yoo hoo!

MoBo said...

wow, Eva and Alexander look the very similar Babies! and Yeah Eva does look like you! haha Easter, havent done none o that stuff for Ages! (hunting and painting I mean haha)