Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where have we been

Wow I have not blogged in so long. Life just gets so busy you forget. Sorry. Here is a little recap of the last month We had Balloon Fiesta, Daniel's birthday and then just the every day. Its been great. I have been doing a few projects too. Oh and now I am going to be writing a play. Any tips there would be appreciated. Anyway here are some pictures of the everyday life here at home while Alexander is at school:

Jamison can fit in all the cabinets! He likes to go in there and shut the door. He is every energetic
Eva was in timeout for 3 minutes. She was so tired she fell asleep on the chair!

These guys love to get in boxes and play. They also like to play in closets.

I will update more later. I hope you are all well.


Suzie said...

Miriam! Those are really funny pictures, especially the time out! I'm glad you are doing well.

Matt and Suzanne said...

Cute! I'm guessing she was misbehaving because she was tired. Cute chair btw, lol. Glad to hear you are doing well! Writing a play, that sounds exciting.

MoBo said...

these pictures are super great. hahah so funny!

Hera said...

Good to see your children have the imagination you kids had. Eva is a Toutai can fall asleep anywhere haha.