Friday, October 21, 2011

Daniel's Birthday

Daniel doesn't like to celebrate his birthday. This year I asked him what he wanted to do and he wanted to go up to the mountains and see some fall leaves and trees. So we packed a picnic and it was really fun. He took a half day at work and we went up to the Jemez mountains. There was a little creek and everything.

We had a really great time. Happy Birthday to Daniel


MoBo said...

thats so fun! does daniel do a Bella swan? kekeke

Happy Birthday! I didnt forget, I remmebered all the way up to dads birthday, and just like with dad, I forgot on the actual day... here is a song to express my regret

Love to you guys!

Hera said...

Lovely photos. We do remember the b day. You are in our thoughts on the day :) We hope it was a good one.