Thursday, October 20, 2011

Balloon Fiesta

This year balloon Fiesta week was pretty rainy. But we still went and had a lot of fun. We got a treat and got to go with Daniel and some of the people he works with on a FRIDAY morning. It was a lot of fun. The kids absolutely loved it. We layered them up and they were not cold the whole time! I only got a few shots because only a few of the balloons inflated. However we started a new hobby for the kids. Collecting Balloon cards. Like baseball cards except for the balloons. We had hot cocoa and cinnamon rolls and it just felt like a perfect fall morning. Here are some pictures:
It was raining so Eva's hair went nuts
They both wanted pictures with the cow and this was as close as Eva would get.

We were VERY lucky because two of the ladies Daniel works with wanted to hold Jamison the WHOLE TIME! He LOVED it and it made the event really easy for us. Probably the easiest balloon fiesta we have ever had (there were not a lot of people there either because of the rain)
I don't know what they were doing here
We got some much needed rain but it was sad to see it come on the one week a year that we don't want it in New Mexico. But It was fantastic. The strange thing was the temperatures were really low like in the 30s and 40s and then the next week mid 80's. I guess you never know with the weather.


Suzie said...

I think Eva has the best expressions. Ever.

Hera said...

Eva has lovely eyelashes. Wonderful photos Miriam thanks.