Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I was thinking about Typhoons today because Iceland had an earthquake of 8.1 today and look to the right of the screen and there are utube things. One of them at the top is some guy filming part of the 1993 typhoon Yuri here on Guam. He was on the beach at the time so check it out. The winds in that typhoon got up to 175 miles an hour. But apparently there was a pretty bad one in 2002. People here are not as terrified about them as everyone else who doesn't have to experience them so I figure with proper preparations and food storage and especially water storage we will survive it. So far the earthquakes we had felt barely shake the house so I trust that all the cement and steel bars they stick in the house will keep us out of harms way during the phoons (my new nickname for them).

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Hera said...

Earthquake was 6.3