Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Venting and informing


First this is a random post which is allowed because well it my/our blog. Don't call me (you can call daniel) but don't call me before 9 in the morning my time unless you are dying, dead or on your way to Guam within 24 hours to visit. Otherwise you will be on my angry list for the next year. I am pregnant and like sleep and only seem to sleep in the early hours of the morning now (it cools down a lot then) Alexander generally wakes up and 9 so you can wake me up then but not before.


Here are some fun facts as Daniel likes to call them. They generally make you shocked or depressed but here they are. We went and did a big grocery run last night to 3 stores here is Guam and I just wanted to let you know how much some things cost here. First the crappy milk (well not the on the shelf kind) but the crappiest chilled milk which is what Bubba will willing drink is 5.79 a gallon which is not that bad. Daniel's milk (which really doesn't taste that great) is 4.70 for half a gallon and when he is lucky he gets the best milk (which still doesn't taste very good) This milk costs 5.79 a half gallon. So we spend about 30 dollars a week on milk. Ok so then we bought eggs. They are 3.70 for a dozen. Now I am bored of telling you about our grocery trip things are generally more expensive here as we all know. Our gas is at 4.49 a gallon (for the cheap stuff) There is no cheap gas station they all stay the same. The gas prices since we have been here have gone up every 2 weeks- month and each time it is about 20 cents. so by christmas we will probably be at 6 dollars a gallon. These are depressing facts but true facts. Oh and the electric is really high here. We pay about 300 a month and we live in a realtively small 3 bedroom house and don't use a dryer. However, the good news is that our water bill is about 15 dollars a month so I guess it all sort of evens out in the end. Something weird though is that our rent just went down about 80 dollars a month. This doesn't really affect us because we don't pay rent but it was weird when I went to pay rent because she told me it went down so she had to credit me for the next month. Things work a bit strangely out here. We like it here a lot but are still getting used to the way things run here.

Our thoughts on Guam

We still enjoy it here and are glad we came. We love being able to go to the beach every saturday and just relaxing there. It is something we can all do and enjoy. I like not having to drive very far to get places. Lately I haven't been driving anywhere unless I have to because I am so pregnant and somewhat uncomfortable (that was an understatement). So that really helps save on gas. Daniel enjoys the work aspect of his job and I will leave it at that.

Our new callings

We both recieved callings as soon as we got back from Utah. Daniel was called as the Gospel doctrine teacher and I was called as the 1st counselor in Young Women's. It was a bit overwhelming especially coming from Utah wards where the most responsibility we ever got in a calling was helping in the library every other week. I enjoy Daniel's lessons though. We are in Alma and he LOVES Alma so he shows a lot of passion when teaching. It is funny because Our class usually has President Hopuate who is the Area Authority (70's) over Guam and the Mariana Islands. He is usually sitting right up front and Daniel knows he is there. Last week we had the mission president in our class and Daniel likes to use the big guys as his examples to keep peoples attention so we were learning about Alma and he asked President Marshall what he would do if his sons were as bad as Alma was. And as you all know Daniel shakes, not our of nervousness but just because he does and so everyone notices and thinks he is that nervous. So the big guys always make comments when he teaches and come and tell him what an excellent job he did teaching that day. It makes me laugh because he is very nervous because of the Big guys in the branch who come to church everyweek but he is very good. I enjoy his classes he is very knowledgable in the scriptures so I am never nervous for him. So Daniel and I are very busy in our callings now which is good, we haven't been for 4 years now so its a welcomed change (well for me, Daniel says he still wants to pierce his ear and wear purple shirts to church). He is especially nervous because they are planning or hoping to arrange a stake here and President Hopuate and Marshall come up to us and ask us how long we will be here. Now that Daniel teaches us all they especially have been coming up to us even more to see how we are doing when the baby is due etc. So its going well here and we are happy for the most part. Alexander finally doesn't cry when he goes to nursery so that helps a lot.

Baby on the way

Ok now the whole Eva thing. Well I am going to my every week appointments now. Everything is fine, in the last week I lost 4 pounds somehow, I think its the new calling and bubba and the heat makes your appetite go away. I am quite sick of being pregnant although I was sick of being pregnant 2 weeks in so that is nothing new. The only problem is that I at least get 8 hours of sleep everynight now and I really enjoy that. I am uncomfortable most of the time but I do get the sleep. As soon as Eva comes I will not sleep a full nights sleep for at least 6 monthes so I am trying to enjoy the uncomfortable time now with just me and bubba all day and then Daniel when he comes home. I am excited for Eva to come but nervous about the big change. I am sure it will be fine. I don't know how much blogging I will do with two demanding children, I am sure I will do it after a few months but I don't know about the beginning. Everything is healthy with me and Eva though. It is probably gross to most but I am dialated at a 2.5 now. My due date is still technically the 23rd although the last ultra sound said the 14th. Who knows really. However, my midwife (thats what they use here even when you request an OBGYN, OBGYN's are only used for high risk) anyway she said they will induce me on the 29th if Eva hasn't come yet so I know that I will have this baby within the month. So that is all. Wow this was a long blog and no pictures (sorry daniel took the camera so I couldn't go taking pictures of Bubba or the wild boonie dogs running around outside).
Until Next time,
Miriam Reeves


Ben said...

If you pierced your ear and wore purple shirts it would be just like in Iceland.

Sarah said...

I thought it was a great post!! It's good to hear all about what's happening with you guys. I promise to never call before 9 AM your time ;) and since I have no idea what time that is here in New York, it shouldn't be too hard. Besides, I don't even have phone numbers for you guys. I'm such a slacking cousin!