Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Blog on Guam

Well we finally have internet, cable TV, and home phone service. The only problem is we don't have a TV or a phone, so 2 of the 3 services we are paying for we can not use just yet. The good news is we can now blog because I know so many of you were waiting to hear from us. One comment on the no phone thing, when you buy a cordless phone from a second hand store in guam to save a few bucks make sure it comes with a battery otherwise it won't work, lesson learned. With the TV we are saving our pennies until we can get a nice one. Miriam wants a flat screen so it won't take up so much space, Daniel wants it big.
We have lived in Guam for a total of 12 weeks. with 2 trips back to utah in between. For anyone counting that is a total of 96 hours on Airplanes or in Airports with a 2 year old. Now we have no plans to get on a plane for a long long time.

Daniel works for Landscape Management Systems, a landscape company in Guam. He is an account Manager for the Hilton, Hyatt, Westin, and Onward beach resorts in Guam as well as the tourist district in Guam. Pretty high-end notable accounts. One thing he has learned so far with this job is that the grounds will never look good enough for his employer or the clients, there is always something to improve on. He enjoys it though.

Miriam is doing fine. They have now moved the baby's (Eva) due date for the fourth time back to the original due date the 23rd of June. Alexander is keeping her busy during the days. Her mom and youngest sister are coming on the 13th of June to help miriam with the baby. We are really excited because miriam has not seen her youngest sister (Matelita) since Christmas 2003.

Guam is nice we go the beach every saturday and Alexander does one of two things the whole time. He either throws every rock, piece of coral, even the ocassional hermit crab (mistaking it for one of the first two things) he can find back into the ocean. Or he tries to chase dad into the ocean when Daniel goes snorkeling. Miriam trys to relax on the beach, but usually she ends up dodging rocks, coral, and hermit crabs that Bubba throws, or playing with Alexander as the waves come. We found a new beach that we really like, not as good as other beaches for snorkeling, but way better for relaxing on the soft sand at the beach. Here are some pictures from our last visit to this beach. It is called Ritidian Point beach. One of the reasons why it is so nice is because it is a Wildlife refuge for sea turtles. We have yet to see one but are hoping we will one day. Meanwhile we did see a huge monitor lizard.


Hera said...

Excelent fun. We are looking forward to coming over there. It will be lots of fun and relaxing time.
love from us

Ben said...

Rívs! (x3)

Congrats on living in paradise. I think there are only about 4 islands left where members of the Toutai family haven't lived yet, so might I suggest that you stay in Guam until I can come visit, then move to Tahiti, Bermuda, and polish things off in Madagascar.

Also, I like the name Eva. It´s a good thing you didn´t pick the name Hrafnhildur Guðrún Daníelsdóttir, because I´m guessing that those Guamians would have a difficult time pronouncing it.