Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th continued

The first picture is the spot Magellan landed in Guam. He stopped in Guam on one of his trips around the globe and then he stopped in Fiji after us and they killed him. The Picture of me Lete and Bubba is at an old spanish fort with its old cannons. The picture of Lete with the white statue is the sad monument for Magellan. We drove back and forth trying to find it and it was actually at the first place I stopped. It was well hidden and not very big considering its a monument for Magellan. I mean the monument for the pope that visited is like huge and even rotates (well it used to until it broke and no one will fix it) so yeah I guess world history isn't seen as important here!!!. The picture with Daniel and the coconut is Daniel getting a coconut for me. We finally found a coco palm short enough to get one without climbing. My mother had to help me peel it. it was very difficult the green stuff on the outside is extremely strong. The last picture is of my mum and Lete sitting on the painted stone showing Talofofo Falls. We didn't get to go there because when we went they were closing and you have to pay to get in to hike to it which is dumb. So maybe later daniel and I will go with the kids and hike it. We didn't get to see the famous replica cave of Yokoi the Japanese soldier who survived for 30 something years here without being found. The day was really fun.
On another note my mother and sister left Sunday evening and monday morning the rainy season began. It is pouring right now still and the thunder last night was so loud!! I think it is because of the Ocean because I have never heard it that loud anywhere. Well thats all for now. We are fine here.
Oh I forgot I think our camera really is broken now so I am not sure when you will see more pictures. It does funny things and puts lines all over the picture and shows no part of the picture and a new camera is not on the list of stuff we plan to get in the next few weeks so the next pictures of Eva and Alexander might be of her really old looking instead of newborn looking.


Sarah said...

Those are all great pictures! Riding a water buffalo looks like soooo much fun! Seeing all the sites of Guam looks so neat, too! You can't possibly be jealous of us on the east coast - I am jealous of all the fun things you guys are doing in Guam!

mcBailor said...

You all look so good! Cali has been such a nice/good change. Ryan is like a whole new person, for the better. His memory alone is back tenfold! I think he is enjoying working with my dad... Paintball is going well to date, so we're keeping fingers crossed that it continues on that path. Guam would be so much fun, and I am being optimistic about coming out there...