Sunday, July 27, 2008

Its a miracle

I actually have a few minutes to blog today. The kids are both asleep. We had a bbq last night. I actually blogged yesterday during Sunday nap but I took some pictures during our little bbq so I figured I would stick them up before they were the old pictures. We enjoyed our little bbq and I still really like Guam. I haven't become homesick yet but I expect that to happen in the fall when its still hot and not cold and Halloweeny and Thanksgivingy. Oh and that first picture is of Alexander after his rain run with Eva. He kept trying to hold her and get her up when she was crying so I let him sit on the couch and sort of hold her. She did not appreciate that but oh well. Oh and we went to the post office today which was a nightmare because of Alexander but we got two packages in the mail. One from Grandma and Opa Reeves and the other from Christopher, Allison, Maggie Ashlee and Paige. The cutest little girl clothes were inside and we are so excited for when Eva will wear them. Thank you so much. I hope to be able to send out Thank You cards but I don't even go to the grocery store alone so I don't know when those will be sent out. We haven't opened Alexander's packages yet because he is napping but I am sure he will love them!
This ones of Eva and I. She is growing fast but is still tiny compared to Bubba obviously.Alexander loves in when we BBQ because he gets to run around outside like a crazy boy. It actually started raining very hard and I let him run in it (probably not the smartest thing since he has been sick) but I let him and then dried him off quickly afterwards. This picture is of him running. He just runs around and around. I am so glad he can get some of his energy out.Alexander was also dancing a lot last night. This is him stuck in one of his dance poses.

This is obviously Daniel enjoying his steak. Wow its not until I see the pictures that I see how dark he is getting. I don't mind him getting a tan I just worry about the cancer that will come because he doesn't wear sunscreen unless I remind him too.

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