Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being a mother of 3

So far things have gone pretty smoothly as a mother of 3 with a lot of help. I'm tired and probably will be for a few more weeks or months. I love my kids. They test my patience a lot but then they do something sweet and I am able to function again. There is a learning curve with each additional child and I am slowly getting it. I must admit there is something that comes naturally for me with each child and that is taking pictures of them.

You know how people say you take hundreds of pictures of your first child and then none of the rest? That is not the case for me. I take many of all of them. I have hundreds of Alexander, and hundreds of Eva and I am building my collection of Jamison. I am guessing the digital camera is the reason for this. No more worrying about precious film just precious gigabytes (luckily we bought an external drive specifically for all the photo taking) Anyway I make sure to take a picture of Jamison everyday so people can see him grow (we are the only ones that get to see him be a fresh new born) I will share some pictures of him. He still looks pretty yellow to me
3 days ago, (His ears stick out in this picture)Also 3 days ago with some Daniel attitude
Here he is 2 days ago
Yesterday all awake
A few minutes ago
(I am trying to give him a sunbath/nap but the sun doesn't seem to want to cooperate)

I have learned that this:

will never go away and just grows and grows with each child. We are all doing well and trying to get into our routine. Here is a picture of Alexander. He is getting so bigHere is Eva, still gets into mischief 99% of the day. Dolce sits under her at dinner. I wonder why?


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