Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a great Dad

I have been sooo busy with children and house and sleep that I haven't been on this computer since friday or so (I really can't remember) My memory is completely shot. I feel like I need a HUGE white board on the entire living room wall just so I can write down all the things I need to do and be able to do them. I just can't remember ANYTHING. I have been soo busy yet I haven't accomplished anything. Is that just another part of motherhood?

A recap of the last few days is: I went to the relief society broadcast! I actually went which I usually don't. I will usually just catch it online at my own convenience but a friend of mine in the ward told me they like to go together because its more fun so I went and it was fun. I left all the kids at home and Daniel did not have fun at all but I was very grateful for the uplifting messages and peacefulness.

Jamison and I went to church. I found this cute little vest and figured because he has no church clothes he can just wear his fancy vest over his solid colored sleepers and he will be in his best dressed :)
We got up at 7:30 and that in itself was very difficult for me. It took me all the way to church to actually be awake. I felt like a zombie all day long however the part that was great was that I wasn't stressed about our very energetic primary class. I was rather mellow because of exhaustion.

Thats about it. Jamison has been rather fussy doesn't like to be put down and there is no one else to hold him!! Well Daniel and he does when he is home so that is a nice break. I am VERY excited about this weekend and all the holders of babies that are coming!!

Oh on Thursday we bought a new couch. We had been looking for quite awhile and finally found IT! and we paid the extra $100 for 5 years of repair. I guess its like a warranty. I used to think warrantys were for suckers. I thought "Who in their right mind would puncture their couch" and then I had two year olds. They will probably be sorry they sold us the protection plan. It covers EVERYTHING. I remember when Alexander drew all over our brand new couchs in Guam. Yeah so wohoo.

Oh and Daniel was a great dad and made forts with them
The New sectional!! Red Leather seems to be our choice in couches.

So that is what we have been doing. Living is what it is called I guess.

P.S We have netflix and the Young Victoria plays instantly and we watched it and I LOVED IT. That's random but I rarely find movies that I absolutely love and actually recommend. Its the history that got me.


Wiley Family said...

thats a great looking couch. I love young victoria as well. I love those kinds of movies. So you are a primary teacher? what age do you teach? Love all your pictures and the updates.

Matt and Suzanne said...

I LOVE young victoria too!!!!!!! It's fabulous as are you, your beautiful family, and your amazing house. I love seeing the way you are decorating it! SO fun!

Hera said...

The Maori blanket fits great with your furniture.
Jamison is quite the little man in his vest.