Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jamison's colors

I don't know about you but I like to choose a color for my children before they are born and get things for them in that said color.
I wanted Jamison's color to be green like 7 up green.

(photo credit unknown)
For some reason my color choices never stick. I wanted Red for Eva but never got around to it and I can't remember what I wanted for Alexander. Eva gets whatever color now, I try to choose reds but yellows pop up a lot for her (clothing, room decor). Anyway it turns out that Jamison has three colors. Here is the blanket we chose for him after he was born (photo:
and his bouncer has the same blue, rust orange and green on it. At least the green is close to the 7 up green I originally chose. I have even gotten two rust orange onsies for him so far. I really like the colors too. I tried to find these colors in natural form:
(photo credit unknown)
(photo credit unknown)
(photo credit unknown)

I think I need to learn how to quilt and use these colors for a quilt for him. I really love the look of quilts now (I didn't used to) I will either learn how to make them or learn how to buy them :)

Anyway I found these three colors in one image:

(photo credit unknown)
I love Autumn and can't wait until its here (its still really hot here in the days) maybe that is why I love these colors so much right now.


Wiley Family said...

I love the blanket you guys got for him. I wanted something similar for our baby boy but we ended up going with an automobile themed bedding. I have stuck with more yellows and greens even though I do have some blues as well. Ok those have mostly been willies choices (the blues ) hahaha I love fall too and I can't wait until it gets cooler here. it's still in the 90's but hopefully next week it will cool down substantially.

MoBo said...

hehe that blanket had a polar bear, lion, pelecan and starfish on it. AWESOME! hahaha the colours look very nice. How are you guys gonna do the room thing? are all the kids getting their own room? is there a nursery in your home?

Hera said...

You have turned into a mother when you like quilts haha.
Wonderful photos.