Monday, August 23, 2010


Floors are in, in the front room/ dinning room. Daniel has been so good to get them in. He just works on it after work and he is pretty quick. This kid is NEVER coming for seriousness so we are able to get A LOT done before he is even here. Daniel is 1/4 through the floors in the family room so all this progress is keeping me happy.

Here are the floors in the room when we moved in
(add a lot of dog pee smell and you are there)

Then I ripped all the carpet out of the whole house
and we bleached then kilzed the floors so there would be no trace of animal here
(they were white for months):

Then add a bunch of Daniel's hard work:

Putting furniture back and buying accessories:

Poor guy is exhausted! He got the floors done Friday night so he got to go golfing at 6am on Saturday and then he got home and was exhausted! (we put a trip to Lowes in there too)
I still need to paint the dinning room chairs white. I keep putting that off hoping this kid will come. I guess I just have to do it tonight while Daniel probably works on the family room floors. When we get the room put together more I will show you pictures.

An end note: I am in LOVE with my floors. This is a huge selling point for me. When we were looking at all the homes when first buying, the house could have the worst layout and if it had these floors I was somewhat suckered in. Luckily these haven't been too hard to put in (with the help of a friends mitre saw and table saw!!)



JRG said...

I love them! Your house is really coming together and I am so jealous of all your cute projects. We can't wait to come down and see it all! And, when you run out of things to do there, feel free to come up here and help me out...sorry about the cohosh not working :(

Shari and Trent said...

Seriously LOVE the floors! I want to eventually do wood in my house one day! By the way, all we used to build that bookshelf was a nailgun and a saw. When we bought the wood from Home Depot, they cut some of it, but we had to cut some at home. It was really easy though!

Wiley Family said...

We love the floors. You guys have done such a fantastic job on your home. Great job Daniel!!!