Tuesday, August 17, 2010

His first day!

Alexander had his first day of school (Well pre-school) today. I had no idea it was today until yesterday when his teacher and teacher's aid came over for a home visit to get to know Alexander and they told me school starts today! Anyway we ran to get this new back pack so he would be ready for school.This is going to be an overload of pictures. Daniel kept getting mad when I would put the camera away hence all the pictures.
Here he is before we left the house
walking in the parking lot to school
The cute court yard at the school
Eva following close behind

walking into his class room

As soon as we got in there he threw his back pack
on the floor so we needed to find his locker
(yep that is me ready to burst any minute as EVERYONE I see tells me)he went straight for the puzzles he loves puzzles
Eva was not so happy about the whole thing she thought she was going to school too.
This is her after we said bye to Alexander

Lucky for you Daniel took a video of us saying bye. You can see how attached and emotion Alexander was saying bye (that was sarcasm)

We are really happy with his teacher. She has been teaching 1st grade for 10 years and now preschool for 3 years. She has 2 bachelor degrees (Business and Elementary Ed) and a masters in early childhood development and she is very nice! He really lucked out. When I picked him up he seemed a bit overly stimulated but he got a drink and was fine. Eva on the other hand is having an emotional break down this very minute.



meleofa said...

So fun! I love that he was totally ready for school and not all nervous. :) And you are looking so good!

Allison said...

I LOVE him!!! I hope he has a great year in school. Hopefully Eva will be o.k. Paige cried a little bit tonight when we were getting the girls final things ready. She keeps asking where her school is and who her teacher is.

P.S. Will you come and decorate my house after the baby is born? All of your projects are so great!

Hera said...

Poor lovely Eva drama queen. This is such an important time in Alexander's life. This really makes me laugh and makes my day.

Wiley Family said...

What a great post. I love the video. Miriam you look great!!! We love you Bubba.