Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Up coming projects

Seeing as this baby is NEVER coming and I won't know when its coming anyway I am trying to keep a HUGE project list going or I will go insane. I currently clean the house top to bottom twice a day just in case and I make sure its extra clean right before we go anywhere which is tiring because well trying to get the kids ready at the same time can be trying. Here are some upcoming projects.This is for a seascape wall. I love seascapes and they will be the back drop to the dinning room table. As you can see I only have 2 so far but its a work in progress (as is life) I plan on using my giant frame to the left of this wall because lets face it my walls are GIANT.

This project is for a wall of mirrors for the entry way of the house. I saw a wall of mirrors in a magazine showcasing something else and I loved the wall of mirrors. As you can see I only have 3 so far but I plan on having a lot more. The criteria is oval or round in all sizes. Here is what they will all look like to keep the wall looking uniform:

The blue is actually a lot darker than this. Its the same blue as the two chairs I did and the rug in the tv room to keep a uniform color in all the down stairs rooms. I want to wait to put them on the wall until I have more. More to come later on other projects that I make up as I go.

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