Saturday, August 7, 2010

Garage Saleing

I went garage saleling this morning because our community holds an annual "please hold a garage sale today" day and it was today. Mind you our community has 3000 homes in it. Anyway I wanted to show you some fun things I got. I got all these radio flyer items (except for the little wagon) for $11 and the kids love them.

Then I got these Tonka trucks for $1 I personally love old tonka trucks and they are perfect for the outside back giant sandpit. I love Tonka and Radio flyer.

I also got an unused jogging stroller for $10 it was fun.

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MoBo said...

I LOVE TONKA TRUCKS!!! especially when i was younger haha Great Picture of Alexander, So Cute!! sounds like a totally amazing bargain times! your hverfi(am i spelling that right??) sounds awesome! that is such a smart thing to do, easy to get rid of stuff you dont use anymore/never used haha