Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daniel's Request "The HAKA"

We watched Invictus last night and enjoyed it. Anyway Daniel went and youtubed the All Blacks and Haka's and we had to laugh at some. This one makes sense:

They are getting ready to beat the other team and its great and they actually look kind of like warriors. Then there is this one:

This made me laugh because it looks like they are having a hard time just staying upright dancing on the ice.

Then there is this one:

And to top it off we have this one, I think it is getting a little out of hand.

This just doesn't look right anyway we were laughing forever about it. I really like when the All Blacks do it and then no one else.


meleofa said...

My favorite is definitely the all blacks and tonga. So good. :) Gotta love the hakas.

Wiley Family said...

Yeah me too. I love that there are two sides hahaha go Tonga!! hahahaha

MoBo said...

LOL that is a bit wild, the ice is a bit silly since it looks like they are gonna fall hahaha then the basketball, they are all too slender! and the last one same thing, and Shirtless?? comeon!! hehe That Tonga NZ was real awesome though

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