Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally a New Post

On the way home

The children and I were in Utah for 3 weeks as I previously posted and it was fun. Somewhat relaxing but I came back a lot more tired than when I left. Oh and I forgot the memory card in my camera so I didn't get it until Daniel came 2 days before we left so I am lacking in the picture category.

Well I will quickly tell the things we did. First of all the reason we went out there was to see little Beckam. He was only a day late so we got to see him. He is a little cutie. Click here to see some sideways pictures. I hope they start blogging a lot more so we can see Beckam grow. He is a cute and tiny little boy. I am really sad I didn't get any pictures of him. Stupid camera.

Some other things we got to do were go to Hanna's baptism. That was great to see. Then we got to go to Joel's 16th celebration. We went down to the Gateway and did a scavenger hunt. It was really fun! I liked how they did it and I have never seen the Gateway so packed in my life.

We got to celebrate Eva's 1st birthday with family (I will do a separate blog for that).

I got to go to Ikea and get some odds and ends and a saeng cover. Yay for that.

I got to go to D.Is all over Utah and I added to my book collection. I feel like I have enough books to read for the whole summer and I am so excited.

I got to hang out with my long lost siblings A LOT and it was so much fun. I absolutely loved that part.

and I got to read a lot. I guess my idea of a vacation is hanging out and reading a lot. I had so much fun!

Staying at the Reeves' was a blast. They are always so nice and hospitable! They are a really busy couple though. We spent all our Saturdays with them so that was really nice. We always got to go down to see the other Reeves' with them. Bubba loves Ethan and Cameron and Eva loves Roslyn.

Anyway its great to be home. That is a long time to be away from home and husband so I doubt I will do it again at least not that long.


meleofa said...

It was so fun to be able to hang out together so much. Miaya asked where you guys were, and does on a regular basis. We tell her you guys are in New Mexico, and she repeats it. hahahaha. so fun. What arch is that? I'm glad you guys got to come up and that you made it home safe.

MiriamR said...

I think it is called Wilson's Arch. It isn't in Arches National Park it is right off the freeway on the way to New Mexico. It is 8 miles past hole in the rock which is 7 miles past Moab.

Anonymous said...
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