Thursday, June 25, 2009

difference between Daniel and Andrew?

Bubba sort of knows the difference in photo's but we were looking through his photo album today and he said "Andrew" when he saw this picture

So I said, "yes that's right that's Andrew good job."

So we kept flipping through and then he sees this picture

and says "Andrew Andrew" so I say "um no that's not Andrew that's Daddy." And he looks all confused. This was the only one he got wrong so I guess that's progress. Do these look the same to you at all? I don't think they do but maybe the little baby boy threw him off? At least he is sort of recognized Andrew.


Sarah said...

I don't think they look alike as much as they used to... man, they were hard to tell apart when they were younger! We've got pictures of all of us in Grandma's backyard, and they look IDENTICAL. But yeah, now it's easier... way to go Bubba :)

Chelsey said...

Maybe he got confused because it was a side view. That picture of Eva on the header is darling! She is getting so big. Lindsey just got home after 5 months in china.