Wednesday, June 24, 2009

can't find the camera

I haven't blogged in a week and I even took some pictures to blog but I just can't locate the camera. Oh well maybe next time.

We have this huge sunflower outside growing. We came back from Utah and there it was. its the kind that actually has the seeds in it. I think someone must have dropped one and so it decided to grow.

We got LIBRARY CARDS! Daniel was nice enough to go with the kids and I to our library. I was so excited because well I just won't go with the kids alone there they are monkeys. So I borrowed some DVDs for Daniel and Alexander and got me some books! I was very disappointed because they don't have shopaholic ties the knot. Someone had already checked it out. Hopefully when I get there on Saturday it will be there. I am so excited for this library card because I won't have to buy all the books I want to try out anymore.

So I have been reading a lot. I am reading the shopaholic books and I have the last two I just need the ties a knot one.

For the last few days I went into comatose again but with "The Children of the Promise" Books. I read the first two in England back in 2003 and fell in love with them. So I bought them all and decided to read them. I finished yesterday and they are just great. Now I want the other ones that are the grand children from the '60's. I also just started reading FDR's last year. Its 850 pages. I am excited about it thought because its WWII which is one of my favorite things to study.

We have noticed that Alexander only likes Pixar movies. I got Aladdin and Toy Story from the library and he doesn't like Aladdin but he wants to watch Toy story all day long.
He also loves:
Shrek 1,2 &3
Surf's up
Madagascar 2

He will watch these all day long if I let him.

Eva is not walking yet. She has started to crawl really fast so I think she decided she will just do that for awhile because its faster for her. Anyway that is us this week. Hope you all are doing well.


Sarah said...

I've never read the Children of the Promise books... maybe I'll check them out. It's fun being friends on goodreads!

Melisa said...

I love those books. I read them almost a decade ago. hehehehehe. Yeah they are awesome. So do you own all those movies or are they a great idea a prezzies. lol

MiriamR said...

ha ha yeah we own them thats why he watches them all day long