Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mini Projects

So I still haven't done anything with the tables. I am dying for the little table to put it in my room too but I am just trying to not get burned out from projects so I decided to do some mini projects yesterday.

The first one is a picture that we got from Dustin, Meleofa and my mother. Its a great picture and I would recommend everyone getting one. Its of all the prophets. Anyway so its an extra long picture and you would probably have to get it specially framed or if you know how to make a frame (which is on my list of things to learn) but luckily a couple of months ago I found this extra long almost strange frame at a garage sale for $2 and I knew at some point I would need it for one of my odd shaped pictures and what do you know here it is. I had some gold paint that I have been using on my frames so I pulled it out yesterday cleaned it and painted it and there is the end product. I still need to hang it but Daniel and I are still trying to decide where to put it (probably on the living room wall right behind the couch).

My second mini project is something I decided to do 3 years ago when Alexander was a few months old. I got two little baby photo albums that were the exact same color for him so I decided instead of doing baby books I would do baby albums using one specific color for each child. So Alexander's are pretty much done. I tend to stick to a year and under and just fill them with somewhat significant photos.

I am sure that as they get older I will add another album in the same color. I do a bit of scrap booking for them both already but I am much slower at that so I figure this is great.

While in Utah I found a great Red one for Eva. I have always wanted Red for Eva in Everything (she has many red dresses) so I thought this was perfect. Now I have started to organize through photos on the computer that I can send to walmart or walgreens to get some photo's developed so that I can complete one of her albums.

I like this idea better than a baby book only because I knew it was easy enough that I would actually do it and not drop the ball and forget. So there you go. She just turned one so this is perfect to do now. Although I think I should do more journaling for the kids and maybe add those to the photo album pages. Just to remember things like first teeth first steps first crawl etc. Time really flies when you have little ones so you find out you forgot to do a lot of these things.

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