Tuesday, June 12, 2012


That is what life is now a big huge whirlwind. I stay really busy and Daniel stays really busy so there isn't much time for the things of the past like blogging and laundry. But I uploaded some photos and I figured I would post them. These are a few weeks or months back, I can't recall. We were working in the yard one saturday and Daniel wanted to pull out the slip and slide.
Jamison wouldn't go on it. He finally did as you can see in this picture but he just arm crawled across it.view from the patio. They really had fun.
Jaction shotthis is a random shot. Jamison loves to run outside and play in the dirt. Here he is in his PJS in the evening trying to get some playing in before we put him to bed. We are having a packed and fun summer so far.


P.S I have no idea how to use this new blogger template so who knows what this post will really look like


Hera said...

We are all looking forward to seeing you all.

Hera said...
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