Friday, December 3, 2010

We feel accomplished

We accomplished a lot during our time in Utah.

We blessed Jamison.

It was a great experience although I wish I would have taken notes (I never do).
We went and saw Olafur, Bjorg and Matti which was great! We had Thanksgiving with family. Our children were able to spend quality time with their cousins. Alexander had his first sleep over. And I am sure there is much more we did that I am forgetting.

It might be awhile before we do another trip anywhere. Having a 3 month old along with Eva and Alexander makes traveling quite overwhelming. We have been home for quite a few days and still have "jet lag"

Here are some photos I took on the trip that I loved.



Matt and Suzanne said...

OH Miriam, I love all of the pictures. Your Thanksgiving was beautiful. It looks like you had a fantastic trip to Utah! How special that you were able to bless Jamison there! I hope that you guys are doing well.

Hera said...

The kiddies are lovely. Jamison looks Tongan. He will be a very handsome older child and so are all your children.