Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gardner Village

I am a big fan of Gardner Village. Its just a magical little place to go for the Holiday season. I usually go at Halloween but I haven't been in Utah for Halloween in 3 years so we decided to go this year. I dragged Daniel along because lets face it Gardner village with 3 little ones without two parents is not a good idea. It was cold and windy but I liked it even more because of that. We were all bundled up which made it fun. I took a few pictures that I am going to share.This made me laugh, Chris was checking the time probably wondering when it was time to leave. Daniel asked if it was time to leave after every store :)

Eva and Paige looking in the window to the left.
I didn't notice that they were together during the visit
but they are together a lot in my other photo's

We finally hit the bakery and had some cookies and such.

When I was looking at this photo I couldn't figure out why everyone was touching their head. They were playing a game maybe follow the leader?.

It was cold but fun. I even got a little Christmas shopping done there.

P.S I love the Christmas store there! Its there year round. I also loved the quilt shop they had some beautiful throw pillows!

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Hera said...

You all look like you are dressed for Calgary. Wonderful photos.