Thursday, November 3, 2011

adventures in grocery store shopping

I went grocery store shopping yesterday. I usually hit at least 3 stores and I have Eva and Jamison with me. One of my favorite stores is smith's because they have the carts with the little cars in front. I stick Eva and Jamison in there and buckle up and my day just got better. The last two times there they have been out of the carts. Eva gets grouchy and it makes shopping feel like cleaning the bathroom. Anyway yesterday I was trying to look at my grocery list and count my items up and such and jamison grabs my bag (the cart was too full to put my bag in it so it sat next to him) and he throws it on the ground. I pick it up and its contents while Eva complains about not being in a car and I stick the bag right back where it was (ridiculous I know). This time he grabs my phone (he loves phones, his favorite thing to do is grab mine and throw it on the ground until it falls into 3 peices and then he slides on the ground with the battery, those scratches on the battery are from him) he throws it on the ground and then I go to pick up the phone and he throws my bag down. I hurry to pick up the phone and then the bag and stuff the phone into the bag and run to the check out.

This was my phone when I pulled it out of my bag upon arriving home. I LEFT THE BACK OF THE PHONE IN THE STORE on the floor! Blarg. This is why grocery shopping with two energetic children is a last resort. At least the phone is a year old so when it breaks down for good I will have gotten some time out of it. Daniel says it could have been a lot worse and he is right. I am so glad I don't have an EVO or Iphone or this would have made me REALLY mad. Instead I am just glad I didn't leave the battery on the floor.

And that is the end of this tale.


Chelsea said...

Today I took a survey for smiths, it asked me why I wasn't extremely satisfied with my shopping experience. My answer was "probably because I had my children with me."

MoBo said...

hahahah oh my goss, that sounds so wild, like movies wild hahaha

wishing you happiness!